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Reaping And Sowing

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The end of the year is approaching fast and. before you know it 2014 will be set upon us.

The real question is, "What are you going to do to change next year?" If you are happy and content, living life to its fullest and love who you are… Don't change a thing! Continue along your current path and do what you do. If on the other hand life is getting you down and you feel you could be doing much better. Perhaps you need to begin a process of change.

Cause and Effect…

One of the laws that I always pay attention to is that of sowing and reaping. This is the law of 'Cause and Effect'. This law states that for every effect in our lives there must be a specific cause.  You are where you are today, your lifestyle, relationships, work, levels of finance, and overall happiness as a result of sowing that took place earlier on. In other words, you are responsible for where you are because of past actions you have taken. Decisions you have made in the past have resulted in where you are today, in every area!

Changing the Effect…

You can trace from any current effect all the way back to the cause. Maybe it's a weight problem, a bad relationship, or a lack of finances. If you are experiencing any of these effects, again take a look at the causes. Weight would be a result of a bad diet and no exercise. The bad relationship could have many causes such as a lack of communication, an inability to treat each other with respect, or simply a bad choice in partner. Financial concerns usually occur when expenditure exceeds income. The effect of financial difficulty has resulted from the cause of bad money management.

The simple fact is this… If you keep repeating the same causes than expect to get more of the same effects. On the other hand, should you decide to change your effects, than you must create a different set of causes.

As you can see, the Law of 'Cause And Effect' is very simple and obvious. Successes as well as failures are no accident. Every single solitary success or failure can be traced back to a specific cause. With something so simple you would think that more people would resolve to change.

Things will never change unless you decide that they will. What is needed is a decision. A decision to improve your life and to do whatever it takes. Again, the effect is a result of the cause, and a major part of making a decision is to begin to create a new set of causes. Ironically a decision is yet another cause. A change in circumstances will ultimately be the effect. Do you see how this is directly related?

You have two choices. If you would like to go into 2011 and experience the same old results, then simply do nothing. If however you decide that next year things will be different and it’s time to start living the life that you desire, than make a decision. A decision to change and to do whatever it takes to improve your conditions.


As a mature human being we must realise that we are the sole creators for our circumstances, both good and bad. Nobody has done anything to us other than creating options for us to respond. Ultimately we are always responsible for what we get out of life and the conditions that we find ourselves in. The first step towards change is to realise this and then to make a decision.

If you are simply waiting around hoping things will improve on their own accord, then don't expect 2011 to be any different. I would suggest that you get out a clean piece of paper and begin writing down all of the areas that you would like to improve and how you feel is the best way to go about it.

The other option that you have is that of hiring a personal coach. If you would like personal coaching and be taken through the exact steps needed for a permanent process of change, than hiring a coach is the best way to go. I have spent many years of my life working on the causes that have seen me enjoy my current effects both business and personal, as well as helping hundreds of other people to improve their lives to.

If you are ready for a change, then make an enquiry today. The contact details can be found all over this website.

Thanks for reading.

Colin Dubb

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