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Time Got Away

Don’t You Hate It When Time Just Gets Away?

So much to do but so little time. What happened to all your dreams of business ownership, taking time away from the office, spending time fishing, holidaying and getting to know your family again? It wasn’t supposed to be like this, you are the boss, Why are you still a slave?

The Dream…

Working for somebody else is a hard slog but there is a way out, a solution that will allow you to have your cake (earn a living), and eat it to (freedom). I get it, I understand what it’s like working for a boss and wanting a better life, I have been there myself, most business owners have! You work for “The Man”, decide that running your own business is a smart move, it will bring in more money while allowing more flexibility, and a life that most only dream of. Yep the decision is made, open up a business and never look back!

The Nightmare…

It didn’t work out the way you hoped. You now find yourself busier than ever while your staff are having all the fun. They get to go home at night while you’re left cleaning up. Weekends are for playing-catch up on paperwork, email follow-ups and balancing the books. No more golf games, fishing trips and hanging out with the family. There are always things to be done and if you don’t do it, nobody will. What a nightmare!

no time left

Why is it Like this?

Simply put, you are not operating the business as a smart owner. You are in a world of chaos and it will only get worse. Trust me, as mentioned before, I have been there! Lack of Business Systems, Time Management Strategies and a Workable Plan are the causes. You are simply a technician , knowing how the work is performed, but failing to adopt the full business ownership skill sets. That’s right, operating a business is a talent in itself, one that must be mastered by owners if they are to have any chance of experiencing the joys of being called “Boss”. You have not yet practiced these skills.

You Can Change It

This can all be changed, you can fix this and make it work. Operating a successful business, one that generates larger profits while giving you time off is a learn-able process. This is a set of skills once implemented that will improve everything. You can do the whole work life balance thing, take more time off and learn how to live again.

Reading this Blog is a great way to begin as I continually share information for the purpose of helping others. You may also want to check out my newsletter to get tips emailed directly to you. Finally you may be interested in Executive Coaching. We will take a detailed look at your time-management and determine exactly where things are failing. Together we will formulate a workable plan and fix it.

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Once again thanks for reading, till next time,

Colin Dubb

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