Personal Development

The Power Of Self-Development

What Can Self-Development Do For You?

By making a commitment to change, you have made the choice to both enrich your life and the ones you love. As you become a better person, others’ experiences with you improve…

Why I Love the Self-Development Industry

The self-development industry may not be perfect (no industry is), there may be some unscrupulous operators around, who care only about themselves, but they are a minority. Generally, the people that are attracted to personal-development are ones looking to improve their lives, and add value to others. This is my experience at least… I love the industry because there are many authors, speakers and facilitators that are able to share powerful lessons and insights with their audience. This information can often trigger major changes in our perceptions of events, leading to better decision making and action. As a result, we vastly change, and improve both our lives, and the way we accept and deal with others.

It’s Win For All

Self-development is not just about gaining, but more so adding value to others. I remember hearing years ago from Zig Ziglar, that if you can help enough people get what they want, then in return, you can get what you want – and this is how reciprocity works. We do for others first, and then gain back in return. Keep in mind, our initial motive is always to help. Gaining is the afterthought!

Self-Development And Self-Control With Others

As we change and develop into better all-rounded individuals, we begin to practice something that so many don’t. This is the practice of self-control. As we go through life, dealing with various people, we are bound to come across difficult and irrational behaviour. We can’t avoid this occurring, but we learn (over time) that it does not need affect us. As we grow into better, more rounded individuals, we feel less threatened by irrationality, and more empowered in dealing with it. The biggest advantage we can give ourselves is not to react to others, and this can only happen through the practice of self-control.

Your Personal-Growth Process

This is a short article today. I just want you to know that if you are reading my Blog on a regular basis, and doing other activities outside of, keep up with it and keep going! Life can be an amazing place, if you can truly get to know yourself and develop into the best person you can be. If you are interested, you can also hire me to work with you as your personal coach. When it comes to self-development and personal- growth, together we can help you to reach those highest levels.

Thanks again for reading!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Colin Dubb

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