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With Persistence You Will Break Through onto Bigger And Better Things, By Life Coach Colin Dubb.

I am frustrated; I am angry and I’m upset that life is throwing up so many roadblocks and challenges! When I was younger I was so hopeful, I had dreams and aspirations that I was going to be successful in my own right and live a happy life.

It’s not working though, life is failing to turn out like I planned and as I sit here reading this article, I resonate with these words, this is me and I have that feeling, that void of failure that hovers around everywhere I look…

I’m not earning the money I need, my career leaves me flat, and I am unable to give my family the life they deserve. I am failing and worst of all; I don’t know what to do about it! How do I get out of this rut?

You Are Not Alone

Let me tell you friend, you are not along! Many have been here before you, many are currently going through this, and many will be here in the not too distant future. You are in this place, it’s dark, it’s scary, but you’re not alone, take some solace in that, why? Many of us that have been here, at this hopeless place have suffered, but then moved on, and you can do the same.Not alone with persistence

How do I know this you ask, I know this because that was me, I was in this place, I know too well how it feels but I broke through! How do I know, I know because many other individuals that I’ve met, that continue to meet have gone through the exact same experience as you, and also broke out.

I never thought I would get through it, they never thought things would change, and I bet you fear that things won’t change… Will guess what? When we are going through something like this, it always seems forever. It always feels like the other person has all the luck but you are the one that suffers. This can sometimes go on for years…

Life Cycles on With Persistence…

Life goes in cycles and things always change. We can’t stop change and we are always evolving, you are evolving and being stuck today (even for years) will eventually change. You will break through and discover the other side, the better side and the happier side that comes with persistence.

Don’t ever give up, the more frustrating the cycle the higher the reward, but you don’t give up! You keep on fighting, coming up with ideas, plans and focusing on your goals. It will work, you will succeed and when things feel they are at their toughest and about to fall apart, this will be your happy time and the success you desire will finally reveal itsself!

I am a life coach who works with countless individuals such as yourself on a daily basis. I know the ups and downs of life and what it takes to succeed… Keep on pushing forward regardless of how tough it gets, with persistence you will win and finally break through.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you could leave a comment below I would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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