Changing Habits

The Law of Habit

There is no question about, we are a product of our habits. We think the same thoughts over a period of time and very soon begin to adopt behaviors that resemble these thoughts. Ever heard the old saying that human beings are creatures of habit? Ain't that a fact!

If you read my books and articles or have attended a 'Dubb Coaching Group' workshop, you would hopefully be aware of my passion for the work of the famous author Napoleon Hill. I follow certain principles that almost guarantee success in my personal endeavors and at the same time teach them to our coaches and clients. I would love to claim that I discovered them myself but that would be misleading.

For thousands of years these principles of success have been written about and followed leading to all sorts of wonderful breakthroughs in both business and personal triumphs. I don't claim to have discovered these laws anymore than the greats such as Napoleon Hill. They do need to be learned though and persistently followed if true success is to be attained.

Here is an excerpt from an old time favorite 'The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons'. It accurately describes the law of habit;

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"It is literally true that man, through the law of habit, shapes his own personality. Through repetition, any act indulged in a few times becomes a habit, and the mind appears to be nothing more than a mass of motivating forces growing out of our daily habits. When once fixed in the mind a habit voluntarily impels one to action. For example, follow a given route to your daily work, or to some other place that you frequently visit, and very soon that habit has been formed and your mind will lead you over that route without thought on your part. Moreover, if you start without the intention of travelling in another direction, without keeping the thought of the change in routes constantly in your mind, you will find yourself following the old route."


Do you understand this? Can you not see how we are a product of our own habits. If we are to change the direction of our life and create better circumstances… A conscious and forced shift in actions must take place, until at least it becomes a habit. Then you will automatically move in the desired direction with very little thought or effort.

I would recommend that you take inventory of your current position and then determine what is needed to change direction. What are your current habits (that don't serve you) and what changes would benefit you most.

Don't make the mistake of drifting aimlessly through life with little conscious thought as to where your going. It is to easy to fall into this trap and before long it becomes a habit.

Thanks for reading and come back often to see my future articles while keeping updated with the group. We are a FAST GROWING organization offering a wide range of performance coaching products and services.

Best Regards,

Colin Dubb

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