The Real Enemy

The Enemy Is Within

What Is The Real Enemy?

In actual fact, when all is said and done, and the whining and complaining has finished, the enemy was always within, chronically sabotaging your advancement.

Take Responsibility And Trust In Yourself

Taking ResponsibilityWe are the makers of our destiny, the captains of our soul, we have the power to control our own thinking, get excited about future goal-achievement, and then research and educate ourselves, to accomplish bigger and better things.

Answers For Everything

Qualifications: Need more qualifications? Simple! With a bit of self-discipline, and persistent action, you can sign-up for courses, work at them, and get the essential qualifications.

Knowledge & Skill: Need more knowledge and skill in specific areas, perhaps, business, marketing, management or selling? No problem, the best books and courses are out there for the taking

Outside Help: Need others to help out, get involved in your venture, people that have specific talents, connections, and experience? Go out and find them. Attend business networking events, talk to friends and family, whoever, until you come up with the goods.

Finances: Finances low, don’t have the capital to get started? Either learn the skills to do it yourself (website creation, internet marketing etc), or find investors, go to the bank for a loan, make it a propriety!

They Won’t Listen: They won’t get involved, lend you money, or even give you the time of day? Do your research, and ensure your ideas are sound. Package and present in a way that makes it attractive for them to listen!

Stop Making Excuses

no excusesAnything you throw, reasons why you can’t do it, are all due to habits of limiting thinking. If you truly want something, then go out and find a way! Your excuses are a waste of time, and only hurt you further.

The Real Enemy Of Success

I will tell you what is real, why you don’t act more to follow the above actions, and quit the complaining. The real enemy is within, and it communicates to you through the following directives.

Self-Doubt: little to no levels of confidence and belief in a better future.

Laziness: Can’t be bothered, it will take too long and it is too hard.

Giving up: Tried but failed, so what is the point of trying again?

Distraction: Rather watch a movie; go drinking with friends, anything but work!

Lack Of Imagination: Not even bothering to think through ways of progressing…

Lack of Personal Responsibility: Expecting somebody else to hand it to you on a platter, and feeling envious and jealous of others that are more successful.

Stagnation, Rot, And Learned Helplessness: Always failing, feel so despondent that no effort is worth taking.

Chronic Complaining: It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair….

Ignorance Is Never Bliss

This may sound harsh, but the reality is better than ignorance. Just because it feels better to ignore a problem, does not mean you are making the right choice. Understand that you only fail to achieve more, because you have failed to defeat the enemy within.

I won’t go on about this, but you either get it or you don’t! Sooner or later, if you want it badly enough, to break free and have more, you will come to recognise the enemy within, and do whatever it takes to eliminate it. Then the hard (success-ensuring) work to achieving your goals and dreams can begin.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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