Brain Theory

The Conflicted Brain

What Are Your Triggers?

We all have triggers, events that set us off, that can cause us to act irrationally. There can be consequences for our actions, so it’s best to be in control.

The Personal-Growth Journey

Part of personal-growth is to improve self-awareness, and in order to improve and grow, we must have a clear understanding of how we work. Only when we understand why it is we do what we do, can we begin to regain control. Let’s discuss our conflicted brain.

The Conflicted Brain

How People ThinkMany theories and literature have been written on humans having three types of brains. These brains are all supposed to be working together. Without getting too long winded, I will simply state these are the Primal, Emotional, and Logical brains.

The Primal Brain

The primal part of our brain is about fight-or-flight, it is instinct. When the Primal Brain is triggered, we act without thinking as a reflex to our external environment.

The Emotional Brain

Our Emotional Brain is formed in relation to our experiences (usually when growing up), but is not limited to childhood. This is the brain that communicates to us through feeling. These feelings (often at times irrational) can cause specific actions which again can get us in trouble.

The Logical Brain

Finally, we have the Logical (thinking) Brain. This is where we analyse and rationally process what occurs around us. It’s through the thinking brain that we join the dots, and make well thought-out decisions. Our thinking brain is what should be used in almost all circumstances that need rational decisions. This, although, is often not the case! We are usually dictated to by our Primal and Emotional brains.

Observe Your Triggers

Observe what triggers the Primal and Emotional brains to react and short-circuit these with logic. The reason why we respond irrationally to events is because out Logical Brain is not able to take control. When we can recognise and observe our Primal and Emotional brains being triggered, we can then decide not to act. This is the power of self-awareness, and with enough practice, we can actually remove our triggers.

Personal coaching dramatically enhances personal awareness in clients. When it comes to your self-development, working with a coach can be one-smart-decision! If you would like to learn more about coaching, please call 1800 753 087.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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