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Success Thinking Equals Yes We Can!

The Obama Catch Phrase Of “Yes We Can!”

Negative thinking equals negative experiences, success thinking equals successful experiences, absolutely guaranteed every single time! Positive thinking motivates us, guides us, and forces change.

I call it Success Thinking, thinking about the can do part of life and focusing on what matters. Since when did it become normal to shroud ourselves in negativity, worry and fear? Is it right to look at others and feel they are better than us? Envy and Jealousy are parts of the Seven deadly sins.

Use That Brain

Success ThinkingYou have a brain and you can think! Success stems from successful thinking, focusing on what you want, and ignoring what you don’t want. Thinking patterns become habits and our habits become our masters. Want to change your life, change your thinking. Want more opportunity, money, success? Think only about these things, believe in yourself and take massive action!

I love the Obama catch phrase “yes we can,” I’m telling you that you can! Get out of this mess, find a new job, earn more money, build a better business, do whatever you want.

Successful Thinking

All success begins with thinking. If you can see it in your mind’s eye first, you can see it in your reality. I say you can see it in reality, not that you will; the rest is up to you! Carefully answer these four important questions.

  1. Do you know what you want?
  2. Do you believe you can get it?
  3. Will this belief, this desire to succeed be strong enough to force you to act?
  4. Will you take action and persist?

Victim Negativity

How People ThinkIt is so easy to play the victim, we have all been there (some still are). To suffer from the deadly sins of Envy and Jealousy, because we fail to give ourselves credit. Most feel they aren’t good enough to get what they want, and they believe that failure is unavoidable, sound familiar? This is victim thinking, negativity at its worse, and again you deserve much more!

It Is Time For Change

It’s time for change, to shift away from the negativity, the worry, fear and doubt, and onto a new path of desire, faith and action. It’s time to start believing in yourself, spending more time being positive.

If you’re in a bad trap and need a coach, a professional to pull you out and set you straight, go ahead and make contact. Call 1800 753 087.

It is Friday afternoon, the end of a busy week. I wish you all the best!

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dub

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