believe in yourself

Start Believing Once Again

Your Faith in The Unseen

Having faith in a higher self, a higher being, a better way of dealing with things. Our external world is in direct correlation with our internal world, and if we want to have more we must be more. We must fight the good fight every single day and know within our heart that we will win! This is our duty, our absolute diving right…

Too Much Focus On The External Will Slow You Down

Focusing too much on the outside and neglecting the inside will slow you down. We are 80% external verse 20% internal. This is my experience. What we are within is our experience without. Too many of us are looking at our lives and trying to force change through physical action alone… This is not enough! If we want it we must see it in our mental attitude long before it appears.

All Winners Believe In Themselves

Self belief is where it all begins. Without this belief very little can be achieved. Sure you can get a job, make a living and get by,  but what about going that extra mile? We all have it within ourselves to achieve! I have it, you have it, our friends, family, and work colleagues have it. The ability to win and make life pay off is deep within all of us, but we must acknowledge and make use of this ability!

An Attractive Energy

There is energy all around us, we are energy, the world we experience is energy, and life force is energy. Like attracts like and birds of a feather do flock together. We all resonate, vibrate on various frequency levels and positive attracts positivity while negative attracts negativity… Lifes going bad, are you attracting it or is it simply coincidence? This is for you to explore and hopefully resolve.

Take Full Responsibility

When we get back in touch with our ‘True selves” tap into our innate abilities and incredible genius, life can begin to work as we finally turn on the tap of abundant good luck. Those that win know they can win, while the ones that continue to fail expect to do so long before they do. Things have been challenging, but the time is now to pick yourself up, to get back on the wagon and start believing in yourself. You have been knocked down over again for a reason, to finally know that you can take control and it’s always being your choice to win.

Never let the external world and perceived negative events taint your internal view, or you are dooming yourself to failure. Snap out of it, once again aim high and make the changes you so deeply deserve.
Thank you for reading,

Colin Dubb

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