Recognising Burnout

Signs Of Burnout

The Early Warning Signs Of Business Burnout.

We are very resilient as human beings, we can put up with a lot of stress and strain, and emotionally we demonstrate strength in times of need, but it can only last so long…

Burnout At Work.

Work is an interesting topic, and especially running a business, as there are so many emotions involved in trying to succeed, that we sometimes put ourselves on the direct path of burnout. We are hard workers, entrepreneurs, individuals that have goals and dreams, we desire to build things. We are focused, self-disciplined, have huge ambition. We envision a better life, business and finances, and we are not afraid to work for it!

Doing Whatever It Takes To Succeed.

business successI am writing this article to warn fellow business owners on the dangers of burnout, as this is a common occurrence with highly driven individuals who will do anything to win! Even at the expensive of their mental, physical, and emotional health. Did you know that burnout could be the single biggest threat to your business yet?

What is Burnout?

Burnout is exactly what the name describes, “burning-out”. One day you go to bed feeling ok and the next morning are unable to get up, get out of bed. You feel sick, depressed, physically destroyed, and wonder what happened. If this sounds scary, it is! Many business owners will experience burnout at some point in their lives, and it’s not a pleasant experience. The best way to prevent something is to understand the warning signs and do something about it.

Signs Of Impending Burnout.

Stress And Burnout

Heed these warning signs at all cost, they tend to come in clusters and escalate. I stress, do not ignore them!

  • Lower tolerance levels: All of a sudden the things that you used to brush off have now become a big deal that seriously irritate you.
  • Regular loss of temper: Now when you feel irritated you tend to snap. All self-control has disappeared and you lose it!
  • Change in appetite: Usually a decrease in appetite, losing the taste for food and missing meals.
  • Feeling stale: You feel stale and experience decreased levels of creativity.
  • Erratic mood swings: Moods are inconsistent, up one hour and down the next.
  • Others noticing something’s wrong: Comments from family, friends and colleagues, such as you “look tired”, “stressed” and perhaps “need a break”.
  • Disinterest: Disinterested in regular activities, hobbies, the joys of life no longer mean much.
  • Lack of focus: General lack of focus and clarity.
  • Negativity: Extreme feelings of negativity, self-doubt and decreased confidence.

Not to be mistaken with depression (all though they can be related), the signs of impending burnout are real and clear. If you begin to notice the above symptoms, it is time to have a break, take time off so that you can have the rest you need. Burnout is a serious problem that can hurt if left unchecked. Make sure you are well aware of the signs.

Coaching With Colin Dubb

Hire a Business CoachPart of my coaching service is to help owners of high turnover start-ups increase profits while having the ability to take more time off. You read that right, take more time off!

We love our businesses, but at the end of the day, they are a vehicle for giving us a more flexible lifestyle, one where we can focus on doing other things. This is why I love what I do, to help out fellow entrepreneurs own and operate businesses they love.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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