Power of setting goals

Are You Setting Goals?

All successful people set goals in some form or another. The real question is… Are you setting goals?

Goals should be broken down into long-term and short-term perspectives. Your long-term goals are also known as purposes while your short-term goals are known as tasks. These tasks are there to support the creation of your purpose. Accomplishment of tasks should construct your purpose… Make sense?

Clarity and Goal Setting

You have heard the old adage, about not being able to hit a target that you cannot see, and looking at achievement works just the same way… You want to build something, a career, a business, own additional property and make more money… You must be clear on what it is you want and set some goals.

goals setting and planningClarity and goal setting go hand in hand! All successful people are “clear” about what it is they want, while unsuccessful people are fuzzy. Successful people form a mental image of the end result and stick to that image until it’s achieved. Unsuccessful people do the opposite; they go from one idea to the next accomplishing very little.

All Goals Need a Time Frame.

Once you are clear on what it is you want it’s time to break it down into little chunks. These chunks become your short-term goals that will be achieved by a certain date. When setting goals it’s vital to have a time frame – as to when you would like your goals achieved. Time frames add a sense of urgency that forces you to take action, to create plans and follow them through.

You Must Write Your Goals Down

Finally, you must write this all down! If it’s not on paper than you’re not doing it right. There is another famous maxim that states, “what gets written gets done!” get clear, chunk it all down, establish some times frames and put it onto paper. When it’s there on paper, in front of you, it’s now real; something for you to follow that can literally change your life!

Written Goals workIn Conclusion to Goal Setting

As an effective goal setter, you are clear on the outcomes, you’ve breaking them into chunks and formulated tasks and plans. Writing this all down and making a start leads to taking daily action, and this action assures you make progress. You will move rapidly in the direction of your dreams while the others around simply watch and wonder how you’re doing it… All because you set a goal!

I work closely with individuals, corporates and business owners Australia wide helping them in their goal setting and personal development activities, and I can do the same with you. If you are enjoying these articles, finding them helpful and feel I’ve got something to offer, I would be happy to hear from you. You can contact me directly.

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