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Self Development Strategy

What are you doing daily, in regards to Self-Development?

Moving beyond average is not a case of looking at people and saying “they are average and I want to be better than them.” Average as a key word should be looked at in a similar context to achieving marks on a test. Average marks simply mean there is further room for improvement. If your RESULTS are average than you can always grow and do better.

This is a great analogy in regards to living life as average. Based on your desire to grow and do more, adding higher value to society and in-turn reaping greater rewards. The ultimate reward will come in experiencing greater feelings of self worth and respect.

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Based on our internal value systems, if we do not feel like we are living up to our full potentials and doing all we can, than we can say that we are average. Again this has nothing to do with other people and their current positions in the world. It is irrelevant. This is about you!

Power Of Self Development

There is an old proven truth that states our outer worlds as simply being a reflection of our inner worlds, a mirror image if you like. And it must follow that if you want to change things on the outside, you must first change things on the inside. Grow internally, work on yourself, transform, and as you further mature and begin to change, your outworld will conform. The power of self development!

If you feel that things are average on the outside, you must work on changing things on the inside… Your values, beliefs, expectations, and desires. How do you see yourself and the roles that you play in society – self image? Happiness can be defined as contentment and contentment occurs when all of the above lines up. The inner workings, your values, beliefs, expectations and DESIRES, are all congruent with your external experience.

This should give you a small taste of what’s really involved when it comes to self-development. The formula towards real happiness is not too hard to understand, but it can take a bit of time to actually put into action and get under control. You may need to work at this for more than a few minutes.

Remember that wherever it is that you want in your life, more money, better relationships, opportunities and growth. It all comes down to what’s going on with you on the inside. To find opportunities in life, you must first look within, and as you look
within so will opportunities appear.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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