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I thought I would borrow two extracts from some well known authors in the field of human potential. Over the years I have read many of their self development books. These are inspiring reads and have helped many to achieve GREAT success in life. I hope they influence you as much as they have me…

Napoleon Hill Has Written Several Self Development Books. His most famouse would be Think And Grow Rich

Here is an extract I would have read 1000 plus time, no kidding!

You may get by in life without a Definite Major Purpose, but you will never get ahead. Deftness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Financial goals in particular should be specific, definite, and measurable. You should know what you plan to earn, by when and how you plan to do so. The greatest advantage of financial security is the peace of mind that comes from knowing, that whatever challenges life brings, you are equipped to deal with them. You will be better at whatever you chose to do because you can focus on opportunities instead of struggling to eke out a living.- Napoleon Hill

Another favorite of mine but less well known author of self development books is a gentlemen named Brian Tracy

Brian is another interesting character and you should really check out his website to see what he offers. I do recommend his work! Below is an extract from one of his books.

Resolve to think about your ideal future most of the time. Remember, the very best days of your life lie ahead. The happiest moments you will ever experience are still to come. The highest income you will ever earn is going to materialize in the months and years ahead. The Future is going to be better than anything that may have happened in your past. There are no limits. – Brian Tracy

My Take On Self Development Books

Books have a lot of value like any tool that helps you to improve self awareness, teach you to think positively, and gets you actively setting goals and making plans for a better future. These authors have many great ideas that can assist you in creating these plans and I encourage you to check out some of their self development books.

My Take On The Self Development Process

Improving your life, your health, relationships, finances and general happiness & wellbeing takes an ongoing effort, a strong desire to want to change and plenty of self discipline and action.

I specialize in performance based life coaching for individuals and business owners and together we work on all aspects of self improvement and development. Books are one of several valuable tools that can help you to get started and stay on track. The rest is up to you and if you feel you could use the services of a personal coach then please free to to contact me.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for for more articles on ColinDubb.Com.

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