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Reclaiming Your Positive Attitude

The Importance of A Positive Mental Attitude

We all get negative at times, reacting to external events that don’t go our way… It’s vital that we  pick ourselves up and reclaim a positive mental attitude.

As the Owner, Operator and Director of your business, the organisation as a whole is in close reflection to your mental attitude. Every business is a reflection of their owners attitudes and yours is no different. If you are negative, the organisation becomes negative. When you hold a positive outlook, your surroundings will reflect this. We become what we think about all day long – and so does your business!

You Have A Responsibility to Maintain an Optimistic Attitude

Oil and water do not mix and positive & negative do not work well together. As the owner, your job is to lead your team of management and employees. Displaying intense negativity ultimately lets everybody down, and they deserve so much better… The bright optimistic ones will leave, and the employees most in need of positive guidance will sink deeper into a hole. With this negative attitude, everybody looses.

Practice AcceptancPositive Atitudee

What’s important is that you already accept that not all things will go your way, and that you cannot control every external business event. How one reacts and deals with challenges is the test of a true leader. When we are negative we make mistakes, we repel opportunity and negativity poisons the business. Practicing acceptance and reclaiming your faith will place you on a path to good things. Nothing is ever too hard to conquer with a positive attitude.

 Let Go of Outcomes

Letting go of the outcome is another practice of the Greats! Being able to release yourself from the inevitable and detach, is the ultimate display of positivity. Proving to yourself that you do not need full control over the external for things to still work out. All great leaders know when to let go. When you are able to dissociate and release from outcome, you are demonstrating your belief in a higher force, one that wants you to win!

All great business people practice some form of spiritualism either aware of it or not. To ultimately win we need faith, to be optimistic, and to display the right attitude most of the time.

I hope you got something positive out of this article. Thanks again for reading,

Colin Dubb

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