Accountability Coaching Package Phone/Skype 12 x 1 Hour

$1,320.00 $999.00 Inc GST

  • 3 Months Worth of Coaching
  • 12 x 60 Minutes Phone/Skype Coaching Sessions
  • Sessions can be spread out Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly
  • $83.25 per hour (Normal $110.00)
  • Save $321.00
  • Payment Plan Available: 3 Monthly Payments of $333.00 (First Payment Required up Front). To be Agreed Beforehand – Contact 1800 753 087.

Accountability Coaching

Helping you increase personal-awareness and removing self-imposed limitations. You will know yourself better, see your potential and learn to recognise the incredible value within. Life balance and happiness can be managed and attained if we know the components—including our true self—and the causes of our own well-being. What makes us happy? What makes us sad? What are the goals in life that we strive for, that motivate us and give us stronger feelings of self-worth and the ability to contribute.

1, Improved Mental Health & Well-Being

Performing at ones best is a matter of focus, clarity and belief. Working at peak levels of performance is a matter of psychology. The greatest element we humans have sits right between our ears, our brain. Being that the body is the vehicle for the brain, it is important for us to know how to mentally and physically get the very best out of ourselves everyday. A positive attitude often spells the difference between failure and success. If you have a positive attitude and are able to perform at your best, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Your attitude, self-image, and self-esteem can take you further than you can ever imagine. When you’re operating at peak performance levels, you feel incredible and nothing can stand in the way of achieving your goals and dreams. You feel like you’re on top of the world.

2, Enhanced Levels Of Motivation

If you have the desire and ambition to get something done or achieve a certain goal but lack the motivation, initiative and the willingness to take action, personal self-development will help to get you motivated. Motivation strengthens ambition, improves initiative and increases courage, energy and drive towards one’s goals. A motivated person takes action and does whatever it takes to succeed. Motivation becomes strong when you have a vision, a clear mental image of what you want to achieve, and the strong desire to materialize it. In this situation motivation awakens and pushes you forward, toward taking action and making your vision a reality. You need motivation to make money, get a better job, own a business, or to simply become a better person. Motivation is present whenever there is a clear vision, precise knowledge of what one wants to do, and a strong desire and faith in one’s abilities.

3, Improved Goal Setting Strategies

It’s time for you to achieve your goals and create your personal development plan. Individuals can build extremely successful businesses, find the career of their dreams, make huge financial gains or create incredible long-term relationships by effectively setting and planning these goals that will ultimately transform their lives. To achieve goals such as these you must set them and then plan how to make it happen. A goal without a plan remains just a goal. To many people have dreams that never become a reality because they did not effectively set their goals and plans. Effective goal setting and planning can be extremely powerful when striving towards a purpose.

4, Enhanced Communication Skills

Communication is something that we practice daily. If you measured the time spent in communication with others during a single day, you would probably find that it took up the most of it. Interpersonal communication is more than just something that comes naturally, in-fact communication could be considered as a practical skill, an art form. A person’s effectiveness in their personal, social and professional lives can be largely related to their interpersonal communication ability. The leader of a business must know how to professionally and naturally communicate with their employees.

The same goes for the employees to know how to communicate with people they are to do business with. The great truth is that you can learn to become a powerful communicator by getting to know yourself and the many different kinds of individuals, cultures and environments. No one is born with the ability to communicate effectively with everyone, that is why it is important for one to keep an open mind when socializing with others in the world. Communication is a learn-able skill, and by sharpening these skills not only will socializing with others become easier—but it will also be easier to get the outcomes and results you desire.


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