thinking longer term

Practicing Long Term Thinking

All High Achievers Take A Long Term Perspective

All high achievers practice long term thinking, analysing how their actions today will affect their lives tomorrow.

It is called ‘taking a long term perspective’, and seeing life as a series of cause and effects, and how the actions we take today, will ultimately affect our lives tomorrow. Good actions lead to a better life, consisting of health, wealth, happiness and freedom. All because we made better (past) choices today.

Low Achievers Focus On Instant Gratification

All low achievers think in current perspectives, they take the easy road today, giving little thought to what will happen tomorrow. They want what feels good now, and then complain when things fall apart. Bad health, debts, addictions, and loneliness. This all could have been avoided through better planning and action. They could not see how their past actions would lead them here.

Thinking Self Discipline

self discipline coaching with Colin DubbSelf discipline and long term thinking go hand in hand. As you decide upon an action (whether or not to do something), you are focused on how it will make a difference in the weeks, months, and years ahead. If it’s of great benefit, you will do it; regardless of how bad it may feel. Exercising, reading, studying, and sacrificing that extra piece of pizza, or saying no to another drink, these will all be of future benefit. The decision is easy when you are looking at tomorrow, and how the choices you make today, have their influence.

Your Decision Making

How do you make decisions and are you a short term, or long term thinker. If you are currently frustrated with your life, wish you were doing better, perhaps you have failed in longer-term thinking. Awareness is the key to fixing life’s problems, and hopefully you see the necessity, of taking a longer term view point.

Begin Changing Now

You can begin to change your current actions today. Try to always see the connection between the choices you make and how they are affecting your future. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. This is your life, you are in control, and it’s your responsibility to make it the best you can. If you need help, and feel you cant do it alone, hire me as your life coach, and we’ll do it together.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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