Being Grateful

Practising Daily Gratitude

Are You Grateful?

Be grateful for the now, while looking forward to the future. A far better and balanced way to be…

What About Now?

Being driven and wanting to achieve more for you and your family is a great thing. What’s important though is that you still continue to look at what you have achieved up to this current point in time – and feel the gratitude! Be grateful for your health, family, and freedom. Grateful that you have a roof over your head, some finances, and a world filled with opportunity. These acknowledgements alone should make you a far happier person.

Gratitude Is Part Of Being Positive

Thinking PositiveBeing grateful for what you have now, actually gives you a much higher chance for achievement in the future. When you are relaxed, content, happy and positive, you will attract new ideas, opportunities and people. Positivity attracts further positivity and being grateful is a positive mindset. When you feel happy your imagination works better, supplying you with the much needed insight.

The Opposite of Positivity

When you are ungrateful with what you have and are only focused on getting more, you transmute over to a negative mindset that repels opportunity. In this case, negativity attracts further negativity creating one long struggle. Birds of a feather always flock together and like attracts like. When you are unhappy and negative, not much good can come from it – perhaps you are here right now…

Desire More While Letting Go To The Present

The balance is to desire for the future while letting go to the present. Wanting more, but being happy with what you’ve got now! Planning ways and means of achieving in the future (and taking action), but surrendering to the present – what you have right now is enough! This is all in the spirit of desiring while letting go, which ultimately sets you up to win!

This can be a confusing distinction for many to make, hence the struggle to find a balance. Start by looking at your current life circumstance and paying attention to what’s good right now. Be thankful for what you have and that it gets to be with you on your journey. Life is short, don’t waste it only thinking of the future.

Thank you very much for reading and I am grateful to have you on my Blog.

Till next time,

Colin Dubb

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