Taking a Positive View Point On Life

Your Positive Mental Attitude

Your mental attitude is extremely important, and the way you view life directly affects your happiness. It may be time for a mental attitude shift…

Optimistic people are happier, taking a glass-half-full view approach to life, and always searching for the bright side of circumstance. This is the key to feeling better about things, looking at what’s going right as opposed to what’s gone wrong. This is a choice and we are all free to make it.

The Need For Control

We cannot directly control our circumstances but we can control our actions (and reactions). We are human beings, things will not always go right, but our reactions have the biggest impact on our feelings. When we react with negativity, anger, and frustration, we feel bad, if we switch our viewpoint to one that is positive and filled with hope, we feel good. Simple!

Acceptance Verse Perfection


Perfection is not the key to happiness, but rather acceptance. Accepting the now while looking forward to the future. Too many of us are trying to be perfect, have the perfect house, the perfect relationship, to be perfect ourselves and leave no room for error. This expectation causes issues and frustration, as nothing will ever be perfect! The sooner you accept this, the happier you will be.

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing acceptance and gratitude is the key to happiness and maintaining that positive outlook. Things may not be perfect but at least you are alive, you have a family, a roof over your head and food to eat. You most likely live in a country with opportunity and great support systems. How often do we forget how lucky we are, that we have these gifts when so many others don’t?

Life Is Not Perfect

Life is not perfect, you are not perfect, and nothing will ever be perfect. The true perfection lies in the ability to take a positive view point on life, to accept the way things are now, and practicing daily gratitude for the gifts you currently have. It’s too easy to look at others and think, they have what I want, they are happier than me, I ‘m a failure. The reality is that, we all want what we don’t have, and that’s ok, working towards goals are a good thing. The problem arises when you only place happiness in the hands of goal attainment and forget about living today.

We are all human; we go through the same ups and downs and make the same mistakes. Learning to be more positive through acceptance and gratitude, now this is a skill worth learning. Life is too short to mope around, you deserve much better!

I feel strongly about this,

Colin Dubb

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