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Positive Self Image And Success

Some people make success look easy and everything they touch seems to turn to gold. These individuals have a certain something about them, a trait that sees them through to achievement. This trait is a positive self image…

The First Step In Becoming Successful Is To Develop The Mind

Without a positive self image not much can occur. The mind is the biggest challenge that you will face on your journey towards the stars and the quality of your thinking will either make or break you. Your self image will allow you to take yourself up to the heavens or it will cause you to remain in the gutter.

Your Self Image Plays A Vital Role In Your Success

Self Image Thinking

  • We need to see ourselves as we desire to be – successful, capable and effective.
  • We need to believe in ourselves as we desire to be – self confident, dynamic and influential.
  • We need to belief in ourselves as hard working, focused, determined, planned, precise and action orientated individuals.
  • We need to feel that we are the perfect person to achieve our goals.

Our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs become our realities. It’s not magic but rather simple cause and effect. The way we see ourselves on the inside dictates our actions that we take on the outside and these actions lead either to success or failure.

Healthy Thinking Is A Priority

Again a vital element on the way towards success and in achieving your goals is to first work on your self image. This will be an ongoing battle but to do this means your thinking will improve. With a negative self image it can be hard to succeed, but with a healthy self image, almost anything can be achieved.

You Must Be Motivated To Successfully Change Your Thinking And The Self Image

Motivation is the fuel behind a purpose and your purpose is to create a positive self image! With weak desires comes a weak purpose and with a weak purpose motivation is low, fear dominates and self doubt appears. With strong motivation comes action, courage, and persistence, and with these behaviors your world is for the taking!

I hope you find this helpful and as usual thanks for reading. Please check out my other self development articles.

Colin Dubb

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