Personla Growth is Vital

Personal Growth Traits

In this article I am specifically discussing personal growth and listing the vital traits to work on…

Your personal growth is important, my personal growth is important; we all need to work on ourselves if we are to live more fulfilled and happier lives. We go to school to learn the foundations, attend university for career opportunity, and afterwards the education ends… This is such a waste, a misuse of talent that can be unleashed through personal growth.

What is Personal Growth?

When we talk about growth we are referring to our ability to develop the traits that directly relate to living a higher quality of life. These are inborn traits that can lead us through to victory. Money, power, recognition and more, whatever you’re after, personal growth will stimulate opportunity – every time!

Those of us who recognize our inborn potential make personal growth a priority. We work on ourselves daily, always looking to grow, to evolve and improve on the past. This is that line between average or exceptional!

My Personal Growth List Covers

The areas to work on would include, but are not limited to;

  • Thinking: Improve your thinking improve your life.
  • Beliefs: Simple – belief creates the fact.Personal Growth Traits
  • Vision: We all need a purpose.
  • Goal setting: Everything is goals, all else is commentary.
  • Leadership: Nobody is born a leader, we all need leaders.
  • Communication: Better communicators go further with people.
  • Selling: We are always selling, the better you sell – the more you create.
  • Self Discipline: Taking action regardless of resistance and distraction.
  • Time-management: The glue that holds it all together.
  • Knowledge & Skills: Expertise in ones chosen endeavors.
  • Physical health: We can’t get a round in a broken body.

In my opinion, these are the foundational traits of achievement – success… You might want to take some time to digest this list and determine the (most immediate) areas that need your attention.

Growth is a Lifelong Endeavor

Personal Growth is a lifelong endeavor and operates on the wash-rinse-repeat formula. Working on the above list will dramatically enhance your quality of life in more ways than one. Seeing is believing, if you don’t begin now you will never truly know what can be achieved.

Keep reading my Blog, I am one passionate coach who loves to see others succeed!

Thanks again,

Colin Dubb

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