persistence is action

Persist Through The Good Fight

Persistent Action Is Your Insurance Policy

Always persist through until the very end and never ever give up – and I mean never…

Be Strong

Weak people give up, the strong keep going. Nobody ever said that success would be easy, and if they did, well, they lied! In order to go ahead and do the thing that will make a difference, takes effort; it takes planning, strategy, action and follow through. Persistence is your key to achievement; persistent action is what separates the winners from the losers, the achievers from the non-achievers, and simply put, with persistence you will win!

Too Many Are Willing To Give Up

The majority of people are willing to give up at the first sign of failure – most before they even begin. It takes a special someone, a strong mindset, and a real desire to achieve, that keeps us going. The point is that we must keep going; we must continually pick ourselves up and try again, if we are to finally win.

It’s More Than Motivation

Get More MotivatedThis is a motivational piece of writing as much as a home truth, that the ones who keep going are the ones that will win! What about you, what are you going to do when the going gets tough? Will you be like the majority, giving up when it gets too hard, or will you break through?

You want to arrive somewhere, but the path is littered with broken hearts and dreams. If only they knew that a bit more persistent effort is all that was needed to win. Would they have abandoned their dreams so easily? Would you?

Faith In Action

It’s hard when you don’t see progress, when you keep on fighting the good fight every day, to see little or no rewards. But you must keep going, as what choice do you have? You have a dream, and you want to reach it – as I said, “what choice do you have”?

It’s Not OK To Give Up

Giving up is so widely accepted in society today, when all it does is destroy ambition. It becomes a habit that sabotages any sort of achievement. The only way you will win is to learn, to adjust and regroup.  Eventually you will find a way, but not without persistence. You have heard the maxim state that “as the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Be tough, be resilient, make reaching your goals a living obsession, and refuse to accept anything less.

I write these words for you, as much as I write them for myself. As a reminder, that we must move forward everyday regardless of how it’s looking. With persistence we will win!

Thanks for reading,
Colin Dubb

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