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The Middle Class Mindset

I once attended a seminar and heard the speaker claim that we are all destined for success but programmed for failure. Over the years I have thought a lot about that statement and how true it really is…

To many people in the world live just above the the poverty line. We then have a majority of middle class who are simply lucky to live in a country that enables them to achieve middle class status. We have laws, processes and unions all contributing to better work conditions, equality and sustainability. It is fairly easy to live the middle class lifestyle when you have the proper support – especially in countries such as Australia. What though if you want to do better and what happens next….

Moving Beyond Middle Class

What about those higher levels, the creators, visionaries and ultra successful individuals – the Warren Buffets of the world? What do they have that the majority don’t and how come they got to step out of the common zone (middle class) with such ease?

It has also been said that “if god didn’t love the common man he wouldn’t have made so many of them.” I don’t know if I agree with this statement, or at least I’d like to believe that nobody is common. I believe that we are all destined for greatness and with the proper amount of nurturing, planning and encouragement, we can all do better!

I won’t comment on other countries but I know in Australia we have a bad case of tall poppy syndrome. We love to cut down somebody that even remotely seems as if they are rising above the breed. We don’t like to see others succeed because deep down we don’t feel that we can succeed. In my mind it’s really like some warped sub-culture where jumping out of the norm is frowned upon.

The Nelson Mandela’s, Steve Jobs’s, and Bill Gates’s of the world seem to operate on a different plane. The question is, what do they have that the majority don’t and why are they so effective?

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Success Ingredients

Having worked within the self development industry for a number of years and reflected back on my own achievements, I can clearly point out the traits that are needed for success. As a personal coach and having had the privilege of witnessing many go from average to exceptional I can definitely make some distinctions.

Successful Individuals Have;

  • Purpose
  • Clarity
  • Vision
  • Belief
  • High Levels of Physical Energy
  • Un-relenting Persistence
  • Social Awareness & Personal Awareness
  • Strong Alliances – Teamwork, & Support

On top of the above, effective planning, ability for reflection and lots and lots of luck! Yes I said luck… Luck always seems to occur for the people that exhibit the above traits and it fails to appear when these traits are missing.

Thanks to this negative sub-culture and the ease of achieving middle class status, most people have not had the insight or ability to cultivate these traits. We know deep down that we can do better, we want to do better but thanks to societal conditioning we fail to do better.

I believe that some are lucky enough to break free from the mold, the average mindset of most and go on to achieve much more. These are the people we hear about and admire. They are leaders in their own right and have literally changed the world

Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps you could do the same? Really makes you wonder…

Thanks For Reading,

Colin Dubb

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