Dealing With Stress

Managing Stress In The Workplace

Stress In The Workplace

Finding effective ways to reduce stress for your employees is important to the stability of the organisation – and ultimately your mental health…

The Challenge in Hiring New staff Members

Staff will come and go, this is a given. The problem with constantly hiring and training new members of the team, is the extra attention needed in order for them to conduct their job within the current environment. They will lack efficiency, and operate at a slower pace than everybody else, causing kinks in the productivity chain. And finally, there is no certainty that new employees will actually do a good job and fit in with the rest of your team. Now you need to go through the hiring process all over again, and this is stressful!

Too Much Pressure on Key Team Members

Business Networking Tips With AdoreYou have staff members who started from the beginning, going through the mega growth period of the business – from start-up. These members understand your organisation, do a great job and fit in well! The danger is that you ‘heavily’ rely on them causing a potential vulnerability – if not attended to. Stress is one of the enemies of a long-term and stable team, and your staff will suffer stress. How will you deal with this, is the big question?

Escalating Stress Levels in Staff

There is consistent stress in the workplace due to the demanding needs of the business. You are doing your job – as they do theirs, but you are failing to see their skyrocketing stress levels. All of a sudden they snap! They begin making mistakes due to poor concentration and low levels of motivation (common symptoms) and worse, decide to leave. Now you, the owner, are left to clean up the mess – and you wonder why you can never get time away from the office.

Don’t Operate with Blinders

In the early stages of any successful start-up, when things are growing at a rapid rate, you will both be excited at your short-term achievement, but at the same time, burdened by a lack of business systems (including staff management strategies). Naturally, extra pressure and responsibility will be placed on individuals to support the organisation through this growth. If you put on the blinders and fail to monitor and deal with workplace stress, you are going to have a whole new set of problems occur.

I wrote this article to bring this to your attention – as you currently may be failing to see the danger of neglect. If you want higher profits with more time off, you certainly don’t need the burden of fixing up mistakes and training new team members. When you are a young business, your priority is to create good systems, and this includes dealing with stress in the workplace.

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