Counsellor VS Life Coach

Life Coaching VS Counselling

Life Coach Vs Counsellor

what is the difference between a life coach and a counsellor, and which one should you choose? These are two important questions that I often get asked, so this article should cover it.

In order to answer the question of coaching verse counselling, it is important to first understand each discipline. Then you can compare, consider the pros and cons, and comfortably make a decision on who to hire. As a slight disclaimer, I also suggest you do further research and talk to a few professionals.

How Life Coaching Works

Life Coaching VS CounsellingLet’s begin with coaching since this is a life coaching website. We will look at the client, goals of coaching, and how it all works. Again I recommend you to do bit of research beforehand.

The Client: Coaching works with clients that are known as high functioning, in other words, these individuals are not suffering from any serious form of mental illness. The ideal coaching client is emotionally stable and copes reasonably well. These clients still have challenges, but nothing preventing them from living a normal life. Individuals that hire life coaches are typically looking to improve themselves and to enhance their quality of life. Coaching is just another aspect of their self-development process.

Coaching Goals: As mentioned, the client feels they should improve upon specific areas. This could be in regards to relationships, social skills, work habits, goal setting strategies, time-management planning and structure. The client is aware of a gap between their current situation and where they would like to be. These people are very open to change and coaching will make a world of difference.

How It Works: Coaching sessions can be performed either in person or by phone. Sessions are held weekly or fortnightly, and normally last an hour. The coach is made aware about what areas the client wants to improve upon, and is then commissioned to devise a strategy plan. This plan is what coach and client will work with for the purpose of growth – hence the term, personal growth.

How Counselling Works

Counselling ServicesTo begin with, when we use the term counsellor, we could also be describing a psychotherapist or psychologist. The practice of counselling is a specific skill set, but is often combined with psychotherapy. Counselling aims to deal with emotional challenges and trauma. This can range from past experiences that are affecting the client, to current events such as loss of a loved one, moving past a serious incident, or coping with unmanageable stress levels.

The Client: The client is at a point in their life where they are struggling to cope. As mentioned, this could be caused by a recent trauma or build-up of events. The client cannot function without support, and often time’s during sessions, deeper seeded issues are uncovered. This is when a counsellor and client will often begin a process of psychotherapy (provided the counsellor is appropriately trained) to help the client cope.

Counselling Goals: The goals of counsellors are to help their clients deal with current events, to move past trauma, and take back the ability to function. There may also be specific challenges that clients want to focus on, and these will be discussed during sessions.

How It Works: Counselling sessions are usually performed in person, and can be on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis. Counselling is usually short-term, but if a psychotherapy process begins, this form of therapy can often last for years.

What Is Better, Life Coaching Verse Counselling?

When it comes to coaching or counselling, one is not better than the other. What’s important is that the right service is used at the appropriate time. If you are already fairly functional, but want to improve yourself, you should be looking for a life coach. If you are the opposite, and things are not going well due to a series of events or some form of trauma, you should look towards counselling.

Finally, whatever you choose, life coaching or counselling, do your homework. Like any industry, there are good practitioners and bad practitioners, so choose wisely. If you are still unsure and would like to chat with us for an honest opinion feel free to call 1800 753 087

I hope this answers the questions of life coaching verse counselling. Your comments and opinions are welcome.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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