Letting It Go

Release It To Your Higher Being

Letting go can be one of the most liberating and effective acts on our way to the top, to be able to leave the tension of forced activity and to just release.

The Head

We work very well through the head while neglecting the heart. This means that we use a large amount of conscious effort to try to solve problems and make gains, when instead most of our achievement comes directly from the heart.

The Heart

The heart is your unconscious, the unseen forces that directs our every action, thought and movement. When we have it programmed on the inside, we will begin to direct events on the outside. Letting go is the process of placing responsibility on these unseen forces through the knowledge that things will just work out.


Imagine knowing that things will just work out, that all you needed to do was direct your thoughts toward your ultimate vision and then to follow the actions that show up around you – and yes this is how it works. When we focus on what we want, while ignoring what we don’t want, the strategy on how to get there begins to appear. Now all we do is take daily action in following this strategy.

Beat The Challenges

Making your way through life can be challenging. We have never been taught how to use our minds, the wonderful gift placed upon every living human being. Our minds can move us as high as we want, or will bring us down to the lowest of levels. It is all about the way we use these minds and how skilled we are in the application.

Learn About You

Begin at once to learn about you, to know what you want and learn about what drives you, what directs you, and how you continually sabotage. Ignorance with the mind is definitely not bliss. When we neglect to understand our minds, we fail to reach our full potential.

Sit down everyday and just begin writing. Learn to let go of the external and tap into the internal. The internal will guide and direct you, but the two of you must become better acquainted

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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