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How to Get Motivated 4 Powerful Tips

Follow My Tips On Getting Motivated

There is a strategy to motivation. Learn how you can get more motivated by following my advice.

Tip 1: Understand the Pleasure And Pain Principle

Awareness is my first tip. Ever heard of the pleasure and pain principle? We try to avoid pain while moving towards pleasure. It’s in the pleasure and pain principle that lies the real secret to motivation. When you associate added pain with action as opposed to pleasure, you suffer reduced levels of motivation. If you want to get motivated, you must switch this around and associate more pleasure with action than pain.

Tip 2: Shift Your Focus

How to get motivatedIn those defining moments, we must consciously shift our focus. Something as simple as waking up early and exercising. Focusing on the pain of getting out of bed and into the cold generally feels bad. The desired choice would be to stay put!

On the other hand, if you shifted your focus on how good it would feel when you got back home and entered that warm shower, while also knowing that you did something healthy, you would begin to feel motivated. Focusing on being healthier and living longer due to running, are better forms of focus. This shift in focus, again causes you to associate pleasure with action, and pain with non-action.

Tip 3: Take A Long-Term Perspective

Generally speaking, low motivation is a symptom of looking for instant gratification, while neglecting to see the future rewards associated with action. Let’s take the example of wealth. Most people want more money (this might include you). In order to make more money, you may need to take further training courses, spend time business networking, and looking around for new job opportunities. In the shorter–term, this would mean less time watching TV, socialising, or sleeping in. A short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.

Tip 4: Get An Accountability Partner

Sharing your written goals with somebody that can hold you accountable is extremely powerful and motivating. This could be a close friend, family member or coach. What’s important is that this person can help you to stay motivated, by keeping you focused on the bigger picture, and prevent self-sabotage with shorter-term focus.

Of course there are further strategies and tricks to motivation, but if you are wondering how to get motivated and need a place to start, these 4 tips will help you. I also offer motivational coaching packages, feel free to check them out.

Thanks for reading, your comments and shares are welcome.

Till next time,

Colin Dubb

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