Goal Setting at its Best

If you have tried to reach your important goals but constantly struggle to get there, my coaching programme is for you!

How Coaching with Colin Works

Goal Setting For ExecutivesI specialise in a programme I developed called Empowerment & Accountability Coaching”, designed for Corporates & Executives.

In short, this is goal setting at its best. If you are in a situation where you have tried to achieve your (most important) goals but constantly struggle to get there, it’s worth taking a look at my programme.

The Types of Goals I Help My Clients Achieve

  • Career Advancement & Promotion
  • Career Transition into Another Industry
  • Transition from Corporate Executive to Starting Your Own Business
  • Improvement of Work/Life Balance
  • Enhance Work Efficiency and Productivity
  • Strengthen Personal & Professional Relationships
  • Executive Transition Over to Retirement

Empowerment & Accountability Coaching is a Four Step Process

This is a four step process lasting from three to twelve months depending on the goal.

  1. Establish Individual and Organisational Goals: I empower my clients (through a range of techniques) to establish and set their goals. These goals can be personal or work related, and sometimes a combination of the two.
  2. Devise a Suitable Coaching Strategy and Goal Attainment Plan: We perform a gap analysis determining what needs to occur for the attainment of these goals. We look closely at (internal & external) roadblocks and challenges preventing success. Once complete, we take the information and devise an effective coaching strategy and plan.
  3. Implementation and Execution of Strategy & Plan: The client begins to follow the plan. Through regular sessions (as per our coaching strategy)  we get the ball rolling so to speak, and aim at generating momentum.
  4. Regular Empowerment and Accountability onto Achievement of Planned Outcomes (Goals): I hold the client accountable throughout the process. My duty is to performance coach, and guide them through to achievement. This is my (strong) skill set and what makes for effective coaching.

Throughout the process I utilize a series of powerful coaching techniques and strategies to ensure successful goal attainment.


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Outcomes of Coaching

Both the individual (and organisation) can benefit from coaching with a work team that is:

  • Happier and Better Well-Balanced
  • More Motivated and Creative
  • Has Higher Levels of Self-Confidence
  • Clearer on Their Future Direction
  • Empowered to Achieve Previously Failed Goals
  • Self-Directed with New Found Skills Gained from Coaching

Empowerment Enhances Motivation

Personal empowerment has a direct effect on one’s motivational levels. Motivation is one of the key ingredients needed to achieve goals. Motivation is the fuel that drives us to take action. To experience this motivation we must first feel empowered and believe it’s possible to get the things we want. This is why empowerment through coaching is so critical.

Vision & Goal Achievement

The chances of goal attainment further improve when we have a clear vision, a picture of what we want and the right strategy plan to get it. When we have this vision combined with a plan we can begin to take action- and this is how we reach our goals! These are the processes that occur through coaching.

Want to Try it Out?

  1. We have a brief 20 minute phone consultation to cover your current challenges while determining if working together will be effective.
  2. We set up a 60 minute coaching session.
  3. We devise a suitable coaching strategy and goal attainment plan.
  4. Implementation and execution of strategy & plan

My coaching regimen involves: weekly sessions, homework tasks, strict accountability, all while offering constant feedback, guidance and support.

I am very experienced at what I do, I love what I do and I have achieved a lot in my own life and helped countless clients achieve more in theirs.Take the time to talk with me on the phone – there is no cost. You will quickly determine if coaching is for you and the benefits attained working together.

We all need a personal development plan, a road-map for achieving our goals.


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Happy Clients

Although I have a good job with relative career opportunities, I was unhappy not working in my field despite years of study. I contacted Colin to help me make the transition to working in my industry. I was fearful to make this change- especially the idea of one day leaving my current position or potential risk of failure. Colin sat down with me, plotted my next steps, and was the sounding board for my frustration. I am happy to say I am slowly making these changes and feeling positive for the future. Thank you Colin for all the hard work and effort, I am happy to recommend you to others. Elliott G. - NSW Public Sector

I am happy to write a letter of referral in regards to Colin Dubb. Colin has been a great coach and friend during which time has allowed me to make more progress in the last 2 years then the 10 years prior. Colin is tough at times and wont let me get away with making excuses. He encourages me and demands I stay on track. My challenges have been more personal as opposed to work related, but it's nice to know I can count on him for both. I wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors. Geoff Gleeson

Hi there, I hope this letter finds you well. After trying a number of coaches over the years, I would say that most are light weights. I am grateful that I met Colin and after several months I can see an enormous change. I am much clearer in my decision making and now work off a set of goals and plans. Colin challenges me and helps me lift (as he calls it) to a higher personal level. I am happy to talk to anybody on the phone that wants feedback. Give him a try you will not be sorry, Aaron G. - PCW

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