Form Good Habits

Forming Good Work Habits

Form Good Work Habits, And Make Them Your Masters

With good work habits, you will be able to operate a high-turnover, high-profit-business, while being able to take more time off. Now this is living the dream…

Only Perform The Most Important Activities Yourself

In order to practice good work habits, always make sure to only perform those activities that must be directly handled by you – while delegating everything else. I discuss the art of delegation during my coaching sessions with clients, and post regular articles on this Blog. With delegation, you can significantly minimise your work load and free up more time, allowing for the much desired work-life-balance.

Stay Away From Multi-Tasking

Apple smart-phones mGood Work Habitsay boast about the ability for its users to multi-task, I say “good luck to them”. You are a business owner, and multi-tasking is not a smart option! Every-time you begin an activity, make sure to finish it through to completion. Focusing on one task at a time allows for fewer distractions, and also triggers you into a highly productive state, known as “Flow”.

Aim To Get Into Flow

Always aim for the state of “Flow”. When in “Flow” you get into the groove of the task – so to speak. When in “Flow”, you are working at full capacity with laser like focus. In this state of “Flow”, you can achieve much more than you could by spreading all your efforts around. How do you know when you achieve this state? You experience absolute intensity of focus towards the task at hand! You work hard at it, and before long, find yourself achieving much more – in shorter periods of time. Always remember that multi-tasking is the enemy of “Flow”.

Always Work From A Plan

All high performers work From a plan. When you get to work in the morning, you should know exactly what needs to be achieved. You should already know how you intend to accomplish your tasks – and have all the tools at hand – necessary for completion.

You Are Responsible

If you want to be more productive at work and free up time to focus on the things you love, you must apply and master the above work habits. When you hire us for business coaching, we will make sure you implement these habits by holding you accountable. If you would like to find out how coaching works with Colin, please feel free to call 1800 753 087.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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