Client Feedback

I have worked with Colin on several occasions after first meeting him in a past real estate career. I can vouch for his professionalism and more importantly his ability as a coach. I have moved past some stressful situations -thanks to the tools learned from our sessions! I highly recommend Colin. Try him out, you will not be sorry.

James B. Suncorp Bank

Although I have a good job with relative career opportunities, I was unhappy not working in my field despite years of study. I contacted Colin to help me make the transition to working in my industry. I was fearful to make this change- especially the idea of one day leaving my current position or potential risk of failure. Colin sat down with me, plotted my next steps, and was the sounding board for my frustration. I am happy to say I am slowly making these changes and feeling positive for the future. Thank you Colin for all the hard work and effort, I am happy to recommend you to others.

Elliott G. – NSW Public Sector

Dear Colin, I would like to thank you for your hard work and efforts. I can finally say I am in a great place and gaining every day. I was rather difficult and resistant when we first met; I hadn’t worked with a coach before and didn’t recognise how challenging the process can be. I had a lot of work issues to deal with which ultimately upon reflection I was causing. I guess you woke me up so to speak. This is a personal note of thanks to communicate my genuine appreciation, but I am happy for you to show it to your clients or put it on your website, or both. Thank you again for everything, it’s nice to know you are simply a phone call away if I ever slip back. Wishing you a great year.

Benjamin C. – Knight Frank

I am happy to write this letter of referral on behalf of Colin Dubb. I operate a successful business within the building industry. I needed what you might call a better work life balance. Having responsibilities of staff, clients and the other dozens of things that a business owner is in charge of, made it impossible to take time off for myself and for my family. Colin helped me to prioritise what’s important to me, delegate unnecessary tasks to my office staff, and ultimately make choices about which work to take on as family is my priority. Having Colin to hold me accountable and encouraging me to stick with my choices has helped me to change things around. I find him easy to deal with; he is reliable, professional and tough when he needs to be, just what the doctor ordered! I am happy to refer Colin; he is worth the time and money invested. Regards,

John Maison

After thinking I could go it alone, I struggled for years until I realised I needed help. I was referred to Colin by a close friend and I have never looked back. After 12 months of coaching I am on my way to building my own business and leaving the corporate world for good! Colin challenges me while supporting me and helping me plan my future. He has many tools and sheets to fill out that make our time productive. Thank you Colin!

Jenny B.  – Sales Trainer Elite

Hi there, I hope this letter finds you well. After trying a number of coaches over the years, I would say that most are light weights. I am grateful that I met Colin and after several months I can see an enormous change. I am much clearer in my decision making and now work off a set of goals and plans. Colin challenges me and helps me lift (as he calls it) to a higher personal level. I am happy to talk to anybody on the phone that wants feedback. Give him a try you will not be sorry,

Aaron G. – PWC

I am happy to write a letter of referral in regards to Colin Dubb. Colin has been a great coach and friend during which time has allowed me to make more progress in the last 2 years then the 10 years prior. Colin is tough at times and wont let me get away with making excuses. He encourages me and demands I stay on track. My challenges have been more personal as opposed to work related, but it’s nice to know I can count on him for both. I wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors.

Geoff Gleeson

Benefits from Coaching

banner“I don’t know you, perhaps you have landed on my website by accident, or perhaps it was a client referral or something you saw in the media. Regardless, you are here and perhaps on some level you were meant to be” – Colin Dubb

Coaching Offers a Clear Sounding Board

  • Coaching provides a reflection for honest and accurate feedback.
  • A Coach challenges you to grow and generate healthier ideas.
  • Improved thinking and creativity.

Provides Ongoing Professional Support

  • Feel supported with a close confidant.
  • Coaching is a professional partnership.
  • Benefit from a valuable alliance.

Strong Accountability

  • Accountability on task completion.
  • Keep motivated and on track towards reaching important milestones & deadlines.
  • Improve output by sticking at tasks longer and powering through to completion.

Breaking Through Limitations

  • Break through limiting beliefs and ideas.
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Higher capability for achievement.

Accurate Goal Setting

  • Learn powerful goal setting methods and strategies.
  • Ongoing feedback and accountability.
  • Consistent goal achievement.

Venting Board

  • A venting board for stress relief.
  • Learn effective strategies for dealing with challenges.
  • Enhanced capability in dealing with difficult people and situations.

Improve Time-Management

  • Discover your top time wasting activities.
  • Generate an effective time-management plan.
  • Create extra time for family and friends.

Relate Better with Others

  • Coaching is a strong, relationship based alliance, that teaches you to relate better with others.
  • Build stronger relationships with Staff Members, Clients, and Customers.
  • Close sales and generate more business.

Interested in Coaching?

  • My coaching regimen involves: weekly sessions, homework tasks, strict accountability, all while offering constant feedback, guidance and support.
  • We all need a personal development plan, a road-map for achieving our goals.


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How It Works

How Coaching with Colin Works I specialise in a programme I developed called “Empowerment & Accountability Coaching”, designed for Corporates & Executives. In short, this is goal setting at its best. If you are in a situation where you have tried to achieve your (most important) goals but constantly struggle to get there, it’s worth… Continue Reading, Personal Empowerment & Accountability Corporate Coaching

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