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Beliefs Create The fact

Limiting Or Positive Beliefs Are Dictating Our Lives…

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and what you see on the outside is a reflection of what is occurring on the inside, and if you want to have more you must be more, you must lift, step up onto the plate and declare your victory.

So What Does All This Mean? Why Do I Continue To Write About The Concept Of Outer Mirroring Inner, And Why Is It So Important?

Look, at the end of the day you have a brain, strong thought processes that can set goals. You also have the ability to learn what ever knowledge and skill sets are needed to support your endeavors. The question to ask is, if we are unlimited in our abilities for achievement, why do so many of us fail?

Self-Doubt Is The Limiting Factor

The reason is simple. We have yet to believe in ourselves to the very end as to both ignite the process of change and to avoid self-sabotage. Beliefs play a very important role in our quality of life, and if these beliefs are limiting, then our lives will be limited. If our beliefs are positive and strong in nature, then the sky becomes the limit!

Knowing Is One Thing, But How Do We Shift Our Beliefs From Limiting To Empowering?

Personla Growth is VitalThere are many ways to transfer limiting beliefs over to empowering ones, and some of the proven strategies are;

  • Reading good books as to increase knowledge & personal awareness.
  • Writing your heart out as to make sense of your thinking – keeping a journal.
  • Deep discussions with others will uncover a lot of negativity.
  • Working with a personal coach – highly influential.

At the end of the day, if you can shift through enough of the limitations so you can begin making progress, a new positive set of beliefs will eventually be formed. At this point you will set yourself up for winning and life will take off! Always keep in mind that the term “beliefs create the fact” holds true for each and every one of us. Our beliefs are influencing our lives from the moment we awake to the minute we go to bed.

When I mention the fact of our outer worlds being a reflection if our inner worlds. I am discussing the fact that our beliefs are dictating our actions and reactions to life, and these actions through cause and effect are either bringing us what we want, or more of what we do not want. We are the makers and creators of our destiny, but we need to recognise this and take over.

Personal Coaching With Myself Colin Dubb

Coaching is a powerful way to begin and then complete the process of change. Together we will shift through a mountain of limiting beliefs for the purpose of growth. I want to see you live out the extraordinary and fulfilling life you deserve. If you would like to hire me for coaching, please feel free to make contact 1800 753 087.

Thanks again for reading,

Coilin Dubb

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