How To Think

Are You A Real Thinker?

Do you actually think?

The question I want to ask is, are you actually a thinker or do you simply think you think? This will get you thinking…

So What Am I Going On About?

I am the first to encourage you to go out there, to find and read the best books you can on business, personal success, goal setting, communication, marketing and the like. Read these books because they have been written by individuals that have obviously succeeded in each of these areas – and have something important to share. Knowledge is power and learning will take you far!

How They Got There…

A lot of great authors (some of my favourites), Peter Drucker, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, and many others, are worth learning from, because they are (or were) good at what they do. Not only did they learn from others before them and apply the knowledge, but they did something that little bit extra, something that we all have the capability of doing, but neglect to. They are thinkers. Actually using their minds, taking the knowledge and education they currently have (or had), and working things out themselves.

The Best Insights Come Through A Flash Of Brilliance

success, how to be succesfull,A lot of us have the experience of pondering over a problem, researching all we can to solve it, reading about it, talking to others etc. Then to finally give up on it, go and do something else, and all of a sudden, bang! The solution comes to us in a flash of the obvious. We feel it in our hearts, and just know that this is the answer we have being searching for. This is thinking!

We Are Too Distracted

The reason we don’t have this happen more often is because we are too busy and overstimulated with outside distractions We are always on the go, doing and doing, and if we are not working, we are listening to music, watching television, or socialising with friends. We never actually get the opportunity to sit around and think. Even worse – most of us believe that we are not that smart, and so there is no point in trying to come up with our own solutions, as they would probably would not work.

How To Think Like A Thinker

First of all, get the notion out of your head that you can’t come up with your own brilliant insights. We all have a marvellous brain that can do incredible things when used.

The Art Of ThinkingSit down for about 30-90 minutes in a quiet room, no music, television or distractions. Just sit there and let your thoughts wonder. At first this may be difficult as you are likely out of practice. Just persist through it! Sit down and let yourself do nothing. Don’t try to force any answers to problems, but rather think about what challenges you have at the moment and how you might like to move past them.

You may not have the answers yet, but after about 30 minutes something amazing may start to happen. All of a sudden things will start to slow down, and you will feel a kind of inner-voice beginning to communicate with you. If this does not happen after the first few attempts of trying this, don’t worry about it. Keep on trying over a few days until you hear this voice. It’s there I promise you!

This voice is our true intelligence and the part that all the greats tap into. This is where our best ideas come from and what I call “True Thinking”.

I suggest you give this a try. learning to think will help you in more ways than you can imagine. When you have some spare time give it a go. This might be the one practice that changes everything – and best of all it’s free! The greatest truths usually are.

Thanks again for reading, feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts…

Colin Dubb

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