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I feel that goal setting is one of those powerful activities that can completely change your life… Want to be more successful? Begin by setting and reviewing your goals…

The Power Of Writing Down Your Goals

Power of setting goalsYou have heard that you should set goals and write them down on paper. You know you should do this, but have you ever wondered why? I have personally spent many years writing down my own goals, while also researching why (and how) it all works. Through my own education and experience, this is what I’ve discovered. I have broken this down into 7 points as listed below.

7 Benefits Of Goal Setting

1, Our Future Vision: When we set goals, we become clearer on our future vision and what gets us motivated. As we write, rewrite and review our goals, we begin to see exactly what it is we want and how we can get there.

2: The Action Plan: To work without planning is simply planning to fail. Goal setting plays a large part in plan creation. When we have goals to accomplish, it becomes easier to create an action plan for moving us forward.

3, Increased Motivation: When we have a set of goals that we are working towards, we feel much more motivated. Seeing our potential achievements on paper with a workable plan to follow, gets us inspired, to get busy making it happen.

4, Better FocusSuccess Principles Colin Dubbed: When we rewrite and review our goals on a regular basis, we become better focused on the tasks at hand. We get into the flow of things, and rapidly move forward.

5, Gets The Imagination Going: When we are intensely focused on what we want, we find it easier to come up with ideas to make it happen. Some of our best ideas can appear when are imagination is stimulated by a goal.

6, Gives Us Purpose: Setting goals gives us purpose, more reasons to get up in the morning and fight the good fight. Many people that complain they feel bored with their lives have no clear goals. Without some sort of future vision, it makes sense that life can get boring.

7, Gets You Acting: On a final note, setting goals gets you to take action. Nothing will ever happen without you first putting in the physical effort, and then persisting until completion. Persistent action is key to your future success.

Your Action Step

When we regularly write down and review our goals, and create solid plans for their attainment, taking action becomes the next natural step. With the motivation, drive and clarity to persist, our lives will begin to change around us –  for the better. Your action step is to get a piece of paper and begin jotting down the things you want to accomplish in life, while planning on ways to make it happen.

I hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading,

Colin Dubb

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