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6 Steps to Setting Goals

We All Need Effective Goal Setting Strategies

Never underestimate the power of goal setting and remember that all high performers work from a written list of goals.

Have you ever heard it said that “you cannot reach a goal that you do not set?”

Goals need to be set in order for you to achieve them- and more importantly, they must be in writing. Show me someone that regularly writes and reviews their goals and I will happily predict their future success. Again, all top performers do this! If you are already in this powerful habit of setting your goals, well done, your future is looking brighter already. If not – it’s time to get serious!

How to Set Your Goals in 6 Simple Steps

6 steps to goal setting

This is a very simple process but takes action and commitment. I personally use this formula and so do my clients. I encourage you to do the same.

  1. First, decide on what the bigger picture should look like and by when do you want to reach it. Make sure you are realistic regarding time-frames.
  2. Break your bigger picture goal into smaller targets- again with realistic time-frames.
  3. Set goals and objectives around these targets.
  4. Decide upon an action plan that can be followed daily. This is how you intend to get there. It should be detailed, but flexible.
  5. Regularly review your goals and objectives for the purpose of measuring your progress. Practice the wash-rinse-repeat formula.

This is a simple but powerful process that gets the ball rolling. I personally have followed this formula for years – and I have my clients doing the same. You will definitely make more progress, when you begin writing down your personal goals and objectives.

Practice Persistence Power

how to be persistentFinally, you must be persistent. There will be many setbacks and temporary failures along the way. Sometimes you will win, and other times lose. What’s important is that you carry on until the end, and that you persist through. There are no unrealistic goals, only time-frames. If you fail to reach your endeavor the first time round, always pick yourself up and try again.

This is why I regularly mention the wash-rinse-repeat formula. Goal setting combined with persistence will be your weapon against failure. If you have something to add, please free to leave a comment. I hope this helps and thanks for reading. Till next time.

Colin Dubb

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