Succesfull Traits

6 Positive Verse 5 Negative Success Traits

What Is Limiting You On Your Journey Towards The Stars?

We all feel limited in our lives at some point. Some of it has to do with external conditioning, while most of it is internal. We look at others and marvel at their success, when in reality, we could probably do the same.

So What Is Lacking And Why Do We Feel So Inadequate?

Individuals that do well in life have sphow to be a successecific traits that push them forward in their endeavours. Too many of us lack these traits, and even worse, have negative traits that cause us to self-sabotage. I wouldn’t be writing this article, if I didn’t genuinely believe that with enough effort, we can adopt the traits that help us achieve more, while at the same time dropping off the negative ones.

Below I have listed both the positive and negative traits of success. Try to see where you fit in, and what needs to be worked on. Never ever quit halfway, and worse, give up before trying. You can break through any form of limitation with enough persistent effort.

6 Positive Success Traits

These are the 6 success traits that must be utilised, if higher achievement is the goal.

1, Self-Belief: Self-belief, that inner knowing that things will work out, because we are smart, capable and resourceful. We believe we have the goods to break through!

2, Clarity Of Vision: Knowing exactly what one wants and how they plan to get there. Very clear on the bigger picture goal, both on what it will look like, and what actions are needed, in order to make it happen.

3, Persistent Power: The power of persistence, never giving up, having the attitude of endless persistence, knowing deep within, that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

4, Enhanced People Skills: Great with people, leadership ability, likeability, the power to influence, the ability to motivate, and tolerate others.

5, Self-Discipline: Getting yourself to do, what you need to do, regardless of how you feel. Self-discipline is the one key trait that is absolutely essential!

6, High Tolerance For Stress: Not caving in and becoming a victim over temporary defeat, pain and frustration – which we all must experience on our way to the top.

All these positive traits are closely related, and each is needed in order to eliminate the negative ones, as listed below.

5 Negative Success Traits

Hire a personal coachThese are the 5 destructive traits to be eliminated at all costs. Which ones are affecting you?

1, Self-Doubt: The opposite of self-belief, an expectation of failure, usually expressing itself in reduced levels of confidence, with little appearance of physical action. Why bother trying if you don’t belief in yourself to succeed?

2, Habit Of Quitting: Giving up, what more is there to say, every time you give up, not only do you fail to get through the current set of tasks, but you further crystallise the habit of quitting. The ultimate form of self-sabotage. Very prominent all around us, people quitting all the time.

3, Low Self-Discipline: Again, not doing what you should do, and looking for instant gratification in non-important activities. Hard work is not usually gratifying in the short-term, and success takes a ton of hard work! Without self-discipline you are literally screwed!

4, Easily Upset: Overly reactive to outside events, takes everything negative that occurs personally, and self-sabotages by blowing up over small things. This negative trait usually shows up right before quitting.

5, Poor People Skills: Not being able to deal effectively with others. No ability to lead, motivate, and delegate. Struggles in dealing with anybody.

All these negative traits are closely related, each encouraging the other. All must be eliminated in order to permanently free yourself from them.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps in giving you some further clarity, on both what it takes to achieve more, and why you may be falling just that little bit short.

Till next time,

Colin Dubb

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