Accredited Coaching and Training

18 years experience in business, management and sales.

Contractor Trainer/ Accountability Coach/ Workshop Facilitator

Colin's Services

I offer personal empowerment & accountability private coaching sessions for clients Australia wide.

Operating under the national (VET) Quality Framework, I deliver lectures on a suite of business subjects.

Facilitating closed group workshops (soft skills) & tailored training packages on a national level.

Colin's Bio

Colin Dubb is a highly competent, enthusiastic and accredited lecturer (VET Quality Framework),  coach and soft skills workshop facilitator with over 18 years business, management and sales experience.

Formal education includes a Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) (BCounsCo), Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB51915), Diploma of Business (BSB50215) and a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE 40110).

Colin delivers lectures on a suite of business and management subjects working in conjunction with registered training organisations (RTOs). He also regularly facilitates closed group workshops and individual coaching sessions.

Training Philosophy

My training philosophy incorporates the belief that a trainer must have the ability to display confidence and effectively deliver subject matter knowledge to their audience. In this respect, I adopt a clear approach to teaching and utilise a range of learning styles- including direct instruction and co-operative learning- enabling attendees to understand and enjoy lectures. As a trainer I further ensure all course objectives are met and that attendees can demonstrate an understanding of all materials.

Coaching Strategy

I have developed a strong methodology for professional growth and development. Most people I meet ask about the types of coaching I offer and what makes it unique. My answer is that I offer time-proven strategies for growth and development. These strategies help my clients to develop key areas of Self-Confidence, Discipline, Communication Ability and Goal Achievement- the foundations of success.

Through consultation we will determine the best way to utilise my methods moving forward.