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Reclaiming Your Positive Attitude

Reclaiming Your Positive Attitude

The Importance of A Positive Mental Attitude We all get negative at times, reacting to external events that don’t go our way… It’s vital that we  pick ourselves up and reclaim a positive mental attitude. As the Owner, Operator and Director of your business, the organisation as a whole is in close reflection to your… Continue Reading

Success Thinking Equals Yes We Can!

Success Thinking Equals Yes We Can!

The Obama Catch Phrase Of “Yes We Can!” Negative thinking equals negative experiences, success thinking equals successful experiences, absolutely guaranteed every single time! Positive thinking motivates us, guides us, and forces change. I call it Success Thinking, thinking about the can do part of life and focusing on what matters. Since when did it become… Continue Reading, Personal Empowerment & Accountability Corporate Coaching

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