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Colin Dubb is a personal coach, workshop facilitator and speaker who helps clients that are in need of guidance, goal setting, and support—giving aide to business owners, staff, and individuals who are looking to attain higher levels of professional success and happiness.

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Welcome Message From Colin

Hi there, My name is Colin Dubb and welcome to my official website.

Now would you believe that this site was actually put together (not for me) but for you. It’s about you and everything on here has that one purpose - to encourage, to connect with and to motivate you!

I’m not the most important person in the world, you are. How many times have you gone looking for a service, a product, something to help you solve your problem and then it actually becomes about them. Well not here!

When I sat down with my web designer and we thought about what ColinDubb.com would do, how it would interact with the visitor, this became the motive for every peice of this site. How can we help you?

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I Firmly Believe That Clarity = Success

If you plan, develop clarity, and have enough desire to find a way to motivate yourself to work towards the bigger picture, then it will become a journey as opposed to some kind of pain to be endured. And when everything aligns, when you are on the right track, chipping away daily and you know that you’re unstoppable, the stars will literally align!

I have seen it countless times, and it never surprises me. People pull themselves out of their deepest darkest moments and go on to achieve.

Ask any successful person you may know and they will vouch for this. Self made is self made!

Colin Dubb

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