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Colin Dubb is a personal coach, workshop facilitator and speaker who helps clients that are in need of guidance, goal setting, and support—giving aide to individuals, business owners, and staff, who are looking to attain higher levels of success and happiness.

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Personal Development and Self Improvement Through Life Coaching

Hi there, My name is Colin Dubb and welcome to my official website. Now would you believe that this site was actually put together (not for me) but for you. It’s about you and everything on here has that one purpose - to encourage, to connect with and to motivate you!

Your Personal Development Hub

I’m not the most important person in the world, you are. How many times have you gone looking for a service, a product, something to help you solve your problem and then it actually becomes about them. Well not here! Try to think of this site as your own personal development hub fully stocked with resources and tools.

Self Improvement Resources

When I sat down with my web designer and we thought about what ColinDubb.com would do, how it would interact with the visitor, this became the motive for every piece of this site. How can we help you? So this is what I offer…

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I think I need to give credit when credit is due. I really want to say thanks for all your hard work. You mention that I do most of the work and I'm the one who comes to the sessions. But without you there would be no session. So Colin I really want to say thank you for sticking in there with me and believing in me and giving me the opportunity to become who I am. I also thank you most importantly for all your time. I have come so far and look forward to the future

 Alex, Sydney

Dear Reader,

We all need a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. As an example I have posted mine, more importantly, what is your purpose? You are aware by now that I am a self development coach. I learn through self discovery and use what I learn with clients. Together we grow as we take the coaching journey.

Coaching Is My Life's Purpose

Coaching is my life's purpose, my passion, the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me going. I love my work, my work adds value to society and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I get paid for my work but I would do it for free. I had to learn and study how to become a coach and further hone my craft, a lot also comes naturally. My work resonates with me, with my being with my soul! So yes I LOVE Coaching...

Coaching Is My Business

Before I discovered my purpose I was not complete, I ran a business, worked in sales and made good money, but I was not successful. Success is more than money. Success (I believe) is the feeling that you are doing something big, something meaningful, something that helps society while bringing you joy. It does not matter what this work is, for me it's coaching, what's it for you? 

Joseph Campbell said it in his famous quote "follow your bliss" Your work must be your bliss...

From Colin

Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness

Don’t get caught up in this death spiral that causes permanent failure for so many! Learned helplessness, a condition where by we learn to become helpless. Learned helplessness is like a death spiral, it begins with temporary defeat (always a part of goal attainment), slowly we develop a negative outlook towards our endeavors and begin […]

The Middle Class Mindset

The Middle Class Mindset

I once attended a seminar and heard the speaker claim that we are all destined for success but programmed for failure. Over the years I have thought a lot about that statement and how true it really is… To many people in the world live just above the the poverty line. We then have a […]

The Real Power Of Positive Thinking

The Real Power Of Positive Thinking

The quality of your thinking controls the quality of your life and there is no way around it! As mentioned many times on this blog before, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and if you want to change the outer aspects of your life you must first change the inner aspects […]

Positive Self Image And Success

Positive Self Image And Success

Some people make success look easy and everything they touch seems to turn to gold. These individuals have a certain something about them, a trait that sees them through to achievement. This trait is a positive self image… The First Step In Becoming Successful Is To Develop The Mind Without a positive self image not […]

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